The company is located in the Environmental Protection Science and Technology Industrial Park of Changsha, Hunan. Relying on the idea of science & technology as driving force and survival on quality, the company is engaged in the R&D of new controllable high polymer absorbent materials and some other relevant products, such as new model of concrete curing film of water saving and moisturizing, dust inhibitor, regulators of artificial soil with the effect of water retaining, aquasorb of agriculture and forest, extinguishing agent of forest, etc. The main product is the concrete curing film of water saving and moisturizing, which is widely used in the curing of cast-in-situ concrete of road, rail, bridge, water conservation projects, dam, airport and prefabricated concrete. Compared to conventional curing technology, this product can prevent micro crack from happening more effectively and improve the curing quality fundamentally, besides, it can save the cost of labor and energy as well, especially can save over 95% water consumption on the concrete curing.

Science &technology as driving force          Survive on quality


Science &technology pushes the world        Eco-friendly creates the future